The Grave of Russell Meeks

The Grave of Russell Meeks, by Nickel Crow

The Grave of Russell Meeks, by Nickel Crow

Russell Meeks hasn’t killed a man in 20 years. He’s hiding out, trying to forget who he is. But when a man from his past shows up looking for revenge, Meeks is on the run again. He hops on a freight train headed to Mexico.

Wounded, Meeks encounters a mysterious young man named Rusty Beal, and they become traveling companions. At each town they stop, however, strange violence escalates, provoking Meeks into his old killing ways. But he’s vowed to never kill again.

Yet his pursuer is on his trail, bringing the showdown to Meeks. And there’s something not right about Beal, something Meeks can’t put his finger on. Is the kid bad luck? Or is it the train that Beal swears is haunted?

This is the story of one man’s road to perdition.

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