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Master of the Dead Now Available

19 Mar

I am happy to announce the release of my new fantasy novel, “Master of the Dead”. See below…I hope you’ll check it out!

Master of the Dead

Master of the Dead

Cole Mannering has a terrible power – he can speak with the dead. He sees the dead all around him and it is only getting worse. Before he can begin to understand this affliction, his parents are brutally slaughtered along with his entire village.

Cole and his older brother, Charles, are forced to join the armies of Genna, sworn enemies of Helfland, and become soldiers under the leadership of the fearful General Talwood. It is a life that Cole abhors. He was never meant to be a warrior. Killing is not in his nature, especially given his unique situation.

But, when the enigmatic wizard of Genna, Forir, learns of Cole’s connection with the dead, he enlists him for a dangerous mission. Cole must journey to the Underworld to retrieve a deadly magical item called the “Blood Scabbard”, which imbues the owner to control fire. Forir wants the item for himself in order to restore order to the countryside, but can he be

Cole travels to the Underworld where he learns the mysterious source of his power, which unfortunately puts him in the middle of two warring Gods. He also learns that speaking with the dead is only the beginning of his abilities, as they are growing stronger every day. He soon realizes he can command the dead as well.

He is becoming the Master of the Dead, a wizard to be feared. A young adult fantasy novel.

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Gods and Cruel Wizards, Tales of Dark Fantasy is Released

12 Nov
Gods and Cruel Wizards, Tales of Dark Fiction

Gods and Cruel Wizards, Tales of Dark Fantasy (by Nickel Crow)

I am happy to announce the release of a new collection of short fiction, entitled “Gods and Cruel Wizards, Tales of Dark Fantasy.”

Four tales of dark fiction by Nickel Crow, author of “Master of Time” and “Master of the Hunt”. Magic is all about us, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. There are those who would tempt their fates by practicing black magic, or those who would risk their very souls for a taste of immortality. Beware the paths you tread in these dark pages.

The stories include:

“The Incubus and the Duchess”. The new Duchess of Pemmington Moraine lives in fear of her Duke, a man with notorious ties to the dark arts and cruel magic. But there is more than the Duke to fear. Within the castle roams a mad woman in a grotesque leather mask, and an Incubus that wants the Duchess for himself. The Duchess is forced to make a choice between evils.

“Bone Well”. A child’s curiosity reveals the terrible truth behind the well that has cursed the countryside, and also the evil plans of a cruel wizard in the process.

“On Becoming a God”. A revered wizard-king has grown so powerful that he challenges the Gods and demands to take his place among them. The Gods take notice, but will his demands be met?

“The Will of Nynd.” On the planet Katlani, science has strangled belief in the Old Gods, dismissed as mythology. But once every two hundred years, an eclipse brings stories of Nynd, God of the Night. The young ones no longer believe. Is there still enough faith for Nynd to return for one last journey?

You can purchase it at Amazon.com below:


5-Star Review for “Master of Time”

6 Nov

I am very happy to share the news that my fantasy novel, “Master of Time”, has received a 5-Star review from a reader in the U.K. Thank you so much. I do hope my friends here get a chance to read my work. Here is the review:


Check out “Master of Time”, a Fantasy Novel.

Master of Time - a Fantasy Novel

Master of Time – a Fantasy Novel

Reviews for Master of the Hunt – a Werewolf Novel

22 May

So happy to receive a 5-star review at BN.com and Amazon.com for my werewolf tale, “Master of the Hunt”. I hope you’ll check out the book, available for only 99 cents at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It’s a fun read if you love werewolf stories. Here is one of the reviews:

“I really loved this book.  The writer builds the suspense from page one until finally the werewolf is released.  At the point he reveals himself you are rooting him on.  My only complaint is, the book finished.  the author did leave it open for a possible sequel, I’d love to see another werewolf work of art from this writer and/or another book featuring Harrison.  Read it, you won’t regret it.”

Check out “Master of the Hunt” reviews below:

About “Master of the Hunt – A Werewolf Tale”: Revenge is cheap.
Harrison Dale is kidnapped and transported to a mysterious island where he is imprisoned with a group of other victims. There, he learns each has been brought to the island for a deadly purpose – to be hunted and killed by grudges from their past. To make it fun for the hunters, the victims are trained in the art of island survival and given a chance to escape. Before long, however, the others learn that Harrison Dale is different. He’s been targeted specifically by the island owners, barbaric brothers who have hunted and killed everything imaginable, including men. Harrison will provide them with an altogether new challenge. Why? Because Harrison Dale is a werewolf. The caveat – Harrison has vowed to never allow the demon within him to rise again, even if it means losing his life. The brothers, however, can be extremely convincing. Can Harrison hold out long enough to escape and not lose his soul in the process? A horror action-adventure novel.

Great Reviews at GoodReads.com

4 Dec

I just saw over at GoodReads.com that my novel, “Master of Time”, has received three 4-star reviews. Thank you very much, GoodReads.com readers! If you happen to read any of my novels, any reviews or comments are sincerely appreciated. I’d love to hear them. Here is the link:




Thanks, from Nickel Crow.

Master of Time now Available in Print

4 Oct

Master of Time - a Fantasy Novel

My novel, “Master of Time”, is now available in print. I hope you’ll check it out. Here is the link:


Master of Time Gets a 5-Star Review

23 Sep

Thanks so much to Charlie VA “Seller”, an Amazon.com user, for the 5-star review of my novel,”Master of Time”. Charlie wrote:

“I read at least one fantasy novel a week and it is getting difficult to find a story that stands out from the rest. For me this one did. What made this one different …the ending. Where most stories would have ended this one continues for several more chapters. In those last chapters you find an unexpected turn . Was a very enjoyable read. You certainly get more than you pay for.”

Here is the link to the review:


I’m also happy to report that “Master of Time” is selling quite well, exceeding my expecations. If you’re a fan of traditional fantasy stories, in the vein of “Harry Potter” or the works of Pier Anthony, I humbly ask that you give “Master of Time” a read. I’m always eager to hear what you think of my work. Here is more information on “Master of Time: A Fantasy Novel by Nickel Crow”.

Description: Finally 18, the young wizard Caylem is old enough to attend the fabulous Castle Xanastad to study magic under renowned Headmaster Fjenstel, but not long after he settles in, Caylem must do battle with the cruel King Thaddius Dannef who has secretly begun preparations of an ancient spell called Spectal dlel Sgaibwor, or Master of Time”.

With the help of his friends – the spirited Marela; Nimble, the thief; the powerful Headmaster Wizard Fjenstel; and the ancient
teachings of the Gold Dragon, Min – Caylem not only fights an evil of unimaginable power, but learns of a destiny far greater than anyone could have imagined.

350+ pages of magical adventure.

Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Master-Time-Fantasy-Novel-ebook/dp/B004ZH3K5G/ref=pd_rhf_p_t_1

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