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Gods and Cruel Wizards, Tales of Dark Fantasy is Released

12 Nov
Gods and Cruel Wizards, Tales of Dark Fiction

Gods and Cruel Wizards, Tales of Dark Fantasy (by Nickel Crow)

I am happy to announce the release of a new collection of short fiction, entitled “Gods and Cruel Wizards, Tales of Dark Fantasy.”

Four tales of dark fiction by Nickel Crow, author of “Master of Time” and “Master of the Hunt”. Magic is all about us, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. There are those who would tempt their fates by practicing black magic, or those who would risk their very souls for a taste of immortality. Beware the paths you tread in these dark pages.

The stories include:

“The Incubus and the Duchess”. The new Duchess of Pemmington Moraine lives in fear of her Duke, a man with notorious ties to the dark arts and cruel magic. But there is more than the Duke to fear. Within the castle roams a mad woman in a grotesque leather mask, and an Incubus that wants the Duchess for himself. The Duchess is forced to make a choice between evils.

“Bone Well”. A child’s curiosity reveals the terrible truth behind the well that has cursed the countryside, and also the evil plans of a cruel wizard in the process.

“On Becoming a God”. A revered wizard-king has grown so powerful that he challenges the Gods and demands to take his place among them. The Gods take notice, but will his demands be met?

“The Will of Nynd.” On the planet Katlani, science has strangled belief in the Old Gods, dismissed as mythology. But once every two hundred years, an eclipse brings stories of Nynd, God of the Night. The young ones no longer believe. Is there still enough faith for Nynd to return for one last journey?

You can purchase it at below:


Change of pace from Werewolf-mania – a 4-Star Review

11 Nov

“Change of pace from Werewolf-mania!” – So happy to share that my novel, “Master of the Hunt”, received an excellent 4-star review at


Here is the review: “I bought the Kindle version after reading the intriguing overview. The premise is great- who wouldn’t want to exact revenge on a most hated enemy or to enact vengeance on the one that hurt you most? I have to admit feeling a bit dirty after enjoying the book as much as I did but, hey, it’s all about the art!

The characters were pretty well thought out. Each individual’s past was explored, though the Kramer character was not explored as much as I would have liked. The Werewolf character was a thoughtful look into the wrongs and rights of humanity and, though there was a lot lacking in his development, his identified struggles made up for the lack of backstory. In all, the greatest part about the overall tone of the book was that the hunted were generally normal people-albeit the horrid side of such- who had pissed off people in their lives. Sure, there was plain evil in some but no Hitlers or mass murderers. It made you think…..

In all, I gave it 4 stars, a true representation of a very good book. I rarely ever give 5 stars and think that people who read a lot- like myself- deserve to get an honest opinion without any bias. There’s no bias here, just a pretty awesome read that will allow you to exploit some of your darker side without going full evil!”

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Master of Time now Available in Print

4 Oct

Master of Time - a Fantasy Novel

My novel, “Master of Time”, is now available in print. I hope you’ll check it out. Here is the link:

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