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New Novel Released: “Master of the Hunt”.

28 Nov

I am proud to report the release of a new novel, “Master of the Hunt”. See below.

Master of the Hunt - A Werewolf Novel, by Nickel Crow

Master of the Hunt - A Werewolf Novel, by Nickel Crow

“Revenge is cheap.

Harrison Dale is kidnapped and transported to a mysterious island where he is imprisoned with a group of other victims. There, he learns each has been brought to the island for a deadly purpose – to be hunted and killed by grudges from their past. To make it fun for the hunters, the victims are trained in the art of island survival and given a chance to escape. Before long, however, the others learn that Harrison Dale is different. He’s been targeted specifically by the island owners, barbaric brothers who have hunted and killed everything imaginable, including men. Harrison will provide them with an altogether new challenge. Why?

Because Harrison Dale is a werewolf.

The caveat – Harrison has vowed to never allow the demon within him to rise again, even if it means losing his life. The brothers, however, can be extremely convincing. Can Harrison hold out long enough to escape and not lose his soul in the process?

A horror action-adventure novel.”

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