Master of Time

Master of Time - a Fantasy Novel

Master of Time – a Fantasy Novel

My fantasy novel, “Master of Time”, is available for your reading pleasure at and in ebook format. I do hope you’ll give it a gander and, if you enjoy it, tell two people so they will read it as well, and may the climb begin to success the likes of Amanda Hocking.

About “Master of Time”

Finally 18, the young wizard Caylem is old enough to attend the fabulous Castle Xanastad to study magic under renowned Headmaster Fjenstel, but not long after he settles in, Caylem must do battle with the cruel King Thaddius Dannef who has secretly begun preparations of an ancient spell called Spectal dlel Sgaibwor, or “Master of Time”.

With the help of his friends – the spirited Marela; Nimble, the thief; the powerful Headmaster Wizard Fjenstel; and the ancient teachings of the Gold Dragon, Min – Caylem not only fights an evil of unimaginable power, but learns of a destiny far greater than anyone could have imagined.

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