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National Novel Writing Month Coming Soon

15 Oct

November is National Novel Writing Month, better known as “NaNoWriMo”. Is anyone going to give a shot this year? It is an excellent opportunity for you to finally get that novel idea down on paper. It is better to think of the month as a chance to hammer out words that can be massaged later into a sharpened piece of art rather than go into it thinking you’ll have a finished work at the end. Novels take time, but if you can blast through the hard part, which is simply getting the words down on paper, you’ll have an easier go moving forward.

It personally takes me many months to complete a work, but NaNoWriMo can help you establish writing practices that may carry over past the month’s end. The goal for the month is to complete 50,000 words, which equates to nearly 1700 words per day. Many writers say that establishing a daily writing goal is crucial in achieving your objectives as a writer.

Who is in?


Great Review for “Master of the Hunt”

30 Jul

So happy to report another 4-Star review for my novel, “Master of the Hunt” on Amazon. Here is the review:

“Finally one novel that isn’t caught up in romanticizing werewolves or vampires. A new spin on the old genre. I like that this take on “The Most Dangerous Game” is actually well thought out. The struggle for someone who is more than human to realize that he must embrace his inner beast in the name of humanity.”

Have you checked out “Master of the Hunt” yet? I hope you do!

Learn More About “Master of the Hunt” here.

Master of the Hunt - A Werewolf Novel, by Nickel Crow

Master of the Hunt – A Werewolf Novel, by Nickel Crow

New 4-Star Review of “Swallowed and Other Tales of Horror”

23 Jan


I am very happy to report a very nice 4-Star review of my short story collection, “Swallowed and Other Tales of Horror”. Here goes!

“just the absolutely best sic writing with a fresh take on each story. It wasn’t the usual junk that you can predict each word verbatim, I am looking forward to a new building block because if he keeps going up which it seems he has the potential to do,he will make & maintain a name for himself(no”the next stephen king crap for him, stephen writes like stephen and crow writes like crow!)step in & up into the “Crowsnest”(his mind)for a warped trip you will enjoy”

Here is a link to the review:

Thank you! I hope you’ll consider my work.

“Master of the Hunt” on

9 Jan


Now you can download my novel, “Master of the Hunt” from Good Reads. Check it out!

Vampire Squid from Hell

22 Oct

I never thought I’d find myself writing a title like this – “Vampire Squid from Hell”. After reading an article in “New Scientist”, I’ve caught myself intrigued by such a creature. It is not so much the way this particular squid collects its food that makes it so interesting, but the name of the squid itself.

The official name is Vampyroteuthis Infernalis – or literally, “Vampire Squid from Hell”. This creature drags retractable filaments behind itself like fishing lines as it floats through low oxygen water. These filaments collect waste bits, such as feces, from the water, which it then combines with its own mucus to form balls of food. What a way to live?

Here is a link to the original article:

I am fascinated as a writer by all of the imagery this particular name conjures. Are you a storyteller? What sorts of tales might this animal inspire? You might go the crazy science fiction/horror route and develop a genetically modified Vampire Squid from Hell that develops bony teeth and can survive for short times out of water. They begin to terrorize a lost ocean faring vessel.

Or, what if scientists working with human-animal DNA hybridization “accidentally” combine the DNA from the Vampire Squid from Hell with human DNA? What might result?

Or, dig deeper thematically and consider the obsession of a man who has been studying these creatures his entire life, and the lengths he has gone to in order to bring this creature to light.

What stories might you tell? Please let me know.

Maybe I’ll let Harrison Dale encounter some such creatures in a second novel follow up to “Master of the Hunt“. Yes, a werewolf lost in the water with crazed vampire-like sea creatures…

New 5-Star Review for “Master of the Hunt”

11 Jul

I’ve happily received another 5-Star review of my novel, “Master of the Hunt” – a werewolf novel – at It was a wonderful review, very passionate, and I’m proud to share it with you:

Loved this book!  I might prefer more in your face werewolves doing all sorts of dastardly things, and this book took awhile to get to the shifting part, but I was not bored a bit as the story built up.  It was all very interesting, and I really got to care for some of the characters.  Harrison is complex and compelling, but others, like Darius, Kramer, and Zielger really made an impact. Nathaniel and Bullock, too, were great characters.
I like the Mr. Crow’s writing style, direct and to the point.  And when death and destruction finally erupted, his descriptive skills painted vivid pictures of the mayhem.
And when I say erupted, it was like a release.  We know it is going to happen.  We expect it to happen. The tensions builds.  And then, bam!  We get taken on a wild, and can I say, welcome ride?  I might have bene sad when some died, but when others died, I think I felt a perverse sense of satisfaction.
Without a doubt, this is one of the best werewolf books I have read in a long, long time. ”

Here is the link to the review:

Also, you can purchase “Master of the Hunt” at here

Learn More about “Master of the Hunt” —

Reviews for Master of the Hunt – a Werewolf Novel

22 May

So happy to receive a 5-star review at and for my werewolf tale, “Master of the Hunt”. I hope you’ll check out the book, available for only 99 cents at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It’s a fun read if you love werewolf stories. Here is one of the reviews:

“I really loved this book.  The writer builds the suspense from page one until finally the werewolf is released.  At the point he reveals himself you are rooting him on.  My only complaint is, the book finished.  the author did leave it open for a possible sequel, I’d love to see another werewolf work of art from this writer and/or another book featuring Harrison.  Read it, you won’t regret it.”

Check out “Master of the Hunt” reviews below:

About “Master of the Hunt – A Werewolf Tale”: Revenge is cheap.
Harrison Dale is kidnapped and transported to a mysterious island where he is imprisoned with a group of other victims. There, he learns each has been brought to the island for a deadly purpose – to be hunted and killed by grudges from their past. To make it fun for the hunters, the victims are trained in the art of island survival and given a chance to escape. Before long, however, the others learn that Harrison Dale is different. He’s been targeted specifically by the island owners, barbaric brothers who have hunted and killed everything imaginable, including men. Harrison will provide them with an altogether new challenge. Why? Because Harrison Dale is a werewolf. The caveat – Harrison has vowed to never allow the demon within him to rise again, even if it means losing his life. The brothers, however, can be extremely convincing. Can Harrison hold out long enough to escape and not lose his soul in the process? A horror action-adventure novel.

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