Master of the Dead

Master of the Dead

Master of the Dead

Cole Mannering has a terrible power – he can speak with the dead. He sees the dead all around him and it is only getting worse. Before he can begin to understand this affliction, his parents are brutally slaughtered along with his entire village.

Cole and his older brother, Charles, are forced to join the armies of Genna, sworn enemies of Helfland, and become soldiers under the leadership of the fearful General Talwood. It is a life that Cole abhors. He was never meant to be a warrior. Killing is not in his nature, especially given his unique situation.

But, when the enigmatic wizard of Genna, Forir, learns of Cole’s connection with the dead, he enlists him for a dangerous mission. Cole must journey to the Underworld to retrieve a deadly magical item called the “Blood Scabbard”, which imbues the owner to control fire. Forir wants the item for himself in order to restore order to the countryside, but can he be

Cole travels to the Underworld where he learns the mysterious source of his power, which unfortunately puts him in the middle of two warring Gods. He also learns that speaking with the dead is only the beginning of his abilities, as they are growing stronger every day. He soon realizes he can command the dead as well.

He is becoming the Master of the Dead, a wizard to be feared. A young adult fantasy novel.

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