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Bullying – You Really Can Push Too Far

4 Jan

Bullying is a subject close to me. It is all over the news lately, punctuated by reports of suicides prompted by bullying. We even see it via social networking sites, which makes it easier than ever for bullies to strike their blows. This is not a criticism of social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace – they bring immense social benefits, but also serve to shed light on some our darker corners.

Even today, I’m horrified to read about a young girl, only 10 years old, who committed suicide after 2 years of repeated bullying by fellow students. In the last several months we’ve heard too many similar stories, people of all types taking their lives because they can no longer endure the horrible pain and torture of bullying. It’s a terrible shame.

Growing up, my family was subjected to such abuse. It is difficult. Even today, thinking back causes my stomach to burn. My fists clench and now I’m strong enough to fight back, for myself and for my family members who couldn’t fight back, but it is too late. The damage is done. Left there is a hole of sorts, one that is impossible to fill or send away.

To those who have suffered in similar, I offer a cathartic solution: Fiction. Turn your pain into stories. Face your anger head on. Explore your mind and who you have become and put that emotion to paper. It really works. You’ll see it in my own fiction. “Master of the Hunt” deals with it head on. The main character, Harrison Dale, is a werewolf. He has vowed to never change again because of the horrors of his past. But his captives are cruel, evil men. They are bullies. They use every tactic bullies use on our children – physical pain, mental cruelty. And then they go after those he loves.

The difference between Harrison Dale and myself is that Harrison has a way to strike back. He can transform and take on the cruel men face to face. That would be easy, wouldn’t it? In real life? Not really. Not even in fiction. In the end, Harrison gives up a piece of his soul, and that is what the bullies wanted in the first place. Not to give too much away. Perhaps Harrison finds a satisfactory ending to it all? I don’t know. I like to think, from a story perspective, things turned out as they should.

In real life, however, no one wins. At least with fiction, you can write your own endings.

I hope you’ll read “Master of the Hunt” and let me know directly if Harrison’s ending satisfies you. It satisfied something for me.

Master of the Hunt - A Werewolf Novel, by Nickel Crow

Master of the Hunt - A Werewolf Novel, by Nickel Crow

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