Swallowed and Other Weird Tales

Swallowed and Other Tales of Horror

Swallowed and Other Tales of Horror

Nine tales of horror fiction by Nickel Crow, author of “Master of Time” and “Master of the Hunt”.
The stories include:
  • “Swallowed” – The sins of the father are visited upon the son. A young boy is kidnapped and held prisoner in a basement where something sinister roams, something hungry…
  • “Blessed Tomatoes” – An unscrupulous peeping tom discovers something terrible about the woman who lives next door, and the vegetables she’s been spreading around the neighborhood.
  • “The Ash” – In a post-apocalyptic world overtaken by giant bats, a young boy and his sister fight to survive, but resources are running low and the bats are getting hungry…
  • “Drowning Bucket” – Revenge can be sweet, no?
  • “Something Grinding in the Brain” – A college student fights to fend off the murderous urges of the voice in his brain, to limited effect.
  • “Counting to Ten” – Trapped in a cave after an avalanche with only hours left to live, a young man is forced to come to terms with his own terrible past with his father.
  • “Pemaquid Point” – A visitor discovers the ghost of a young girl in the darkness.
  • “Hit and Run” – A conman who uses his trained dog to scam money from passersby receives his comeuppance in the most horrible way.
  • “Infestation” – When his wife becomes infested with a bizarre disease that begins to transform her, a man sacrifices himself to contain a potential epidemic that could destroy the world.

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